The Design Process

1) Choose which book size you want. (7x7, 8x10, 10x8, 13x11, 12x12)

2) Email me about your project. Tell me about how many photos you have and the style of book you want.

3) I will then roughly estimate how many pages your photo book will consist of, and email you back with the price.

4) Once you have your estiment, mail me your pictures on either a CD or JUMP DRIVE. Photos need to be HIGH QUALITY. Put your pictures in order, and/or number them.

* Blog books I can slurp directly from your website. If the picture quality is not good enough then I will STILL need the original high quality images sent to me.

5) 50% of the payment is due when you order, and the rest when the book is finished.

6) Once received I will begin designing your custom photo book! It can take 1 week to several depending on the amount of photos, if scanning was needed, and amount of text.

7) When I finish designing your photo book I will email you a PDF file of your book so you can look over it. I will need your OK before I upload it to the bookstore for you to order.

8) The rest of the payment is due before I send your photo book to the bookstore.

9) I will give you the link that will take you right to your book where you can order it. You have the option of soft cover, hard cover image wrap, and hard cover dust jacket - prices vary. You also have the choice for premium paper.

10) It's as easy as that! I am very confident that you will be pleased with your custom designed photo book! It will preserve your memories for many generations to come!